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Moonlit Darkness

Getting a Second Chance CHAPTER 1
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Chapter 1: Arrival of the Two Year Old

 “I want three feet on an animal of your choice to be turned in next class. Dismissed. Oh and those of you who have the greasy git next, I pity you because he’s not in a good mood.” The DADA teacher, Artimis Dreamstar or Artimis as everyone called her, informed them.

Harry groaned. Great. He was stuck with Snape in a bad mood for two hours! ‘This is just not my day.’ He thought as he said bye to Ron (who was going to Herbology) and followed Hermione down to the dungeon. He lined up with the other students. Harry and Hermione were the only Gryffindors in the N.E.W.T level class. There was Hannah Abbot from Hufflepuff, Padima Patil and two others from Ravenclaw, and Malfoy and Blaise Zambini from Slytherin. When they approached they could hear Malfoy complaining about Artimis.

“That idiot couldn’t teach if her life depended on it. I mean she talks about nothing all the time! Then assigns us homework that has no point! She’s a horrible teacher!” Malfoy complained.

“Who is, Mr. Malfoy?” came Severus Snape’s silky voice.

“That Artimis woman! She’s a complete idiot!”

“Glad to know that you think my cousin’s an idiot.” Snape replied.

Malfoy went silent.

“Now everyone inside.”

Harry walked I with the rest of them, sat down and looked at the board. Hermione sat down next to him and Malfoy behind him.

“Now today we will be making a very strong Aging Potion. The instructions are on the board and the ingredients in the cupboard. I warn you to read the instructions carefully. You may begin.”

Harry gathered all the necessary ingredients and started working on the potion within an hour Harry was to the last part, ‘Let simmer for a half hour before bottling.’ He took out a muggle book, Countdown, and sat to wait. He didn’t notice Malfoy pulling out a Filibuster Firework. He also didn’t notice when Malfoy threw it in.

The potion started hissing and bubbling before BAM!!! The cauldron exploded and the potion splashed up on Harry. With a howl of pain, Harry dropped off his seat and onto the floor clutching his sides in pain. Malfoy smirked and joined the circle around Harry. Hermione was next to him and she looked up when Snape came barging through the circle, but he stopped dead when he looked down. Before their eyes Harry was shrinking until he disappeared from view inside his robes. Inside the robes they could see a little lump, but everyone was too shocked to move. Finally, Hermione lifted up the robes a peered inside. With a squeak of “Harry?” she lifted out a small child. He had emerald green eyes, a little bit of black hair. But what confermed who he was, was the thin lightning shaped scar on his forehead. The child looked around at all of them before looking at Hermione. He sniffled before burying his head in Hermione’s shoulder. Hermione watched the child in confusion before it dawned on her that he was probably scared. His arms were wrapped tightly around Hermione’s neck and he was sniffling. Snape finally snapped out of his shock.

“Everyone bottle up your potions and leave. Miss Granger you and young Mr. Potter come with me to the Headmaster’s office.” Snape said striding out of the classroom with Hermione, carrying a sleeping Harry, following.

Disclaimer: Getting a Second Chance:I don’t own anything. Oh wait I own Artimis Dreamstar! Yay!  Everything else belongs to JKR and WB and so on and so forth. I also don’t own Countdown. ::goes and pouts in a corner because she doesn’t own HP::