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Moonlit Darkness

Operation: Linkin Park CHAPTER 1
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Chapter 1: It Starts With One

"(It starts with)
One thing
I don’t know why
It doesn’t even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind
I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time"
~In the End Linkin Park

The night before everyone had been surprised when Dumbledore announced that music classes were now being offered to any student who wanted to join. Now this morning in September everyone was signing up for the class. Even better, the sixth years had it first!

"I wonder if the teacher will teach us to play an instument." Ron said swallowed a piece of bacon.

"Probably, but I'm wondering what kind of instuments we'll be a be able to play." Harry answered.

"Well if we get going then we can find out." Hermione told them.

She then strolled off, her bag slung around her shoulder. Harry and Ron looked at each other and grabbed thier bags, sprinting after their best friend.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione stood looking up at the trapdoor, eerily similar to the one that covered the entrance to the Divination classroom. All the sixth years stared. Just as Harry was going to say something the trapdoor opened and the ladder decended. From the they could hear nothing but silence. They cautiously climbed the stairs to the classroom, looking for the teacher in the process.

"I wonder who and where the teacher is." Blaise Zambini said.

They were looking around for any sign of their teacher, or for any sign of who they were.

"They must be Spanish, because they have a Spanish flag over their desk." Hermione informed them.

Meanwhile, the pure-bloods were looking at the Muggle CD player that was sitting on a table next to the door. Someone yelped when the CD player started playing some kind of foreign music.

"Okay, I only know of one Spainard that likes Good Charolette, but there is no way he's here." Harry mumbled, more to himself than to anyone.

Everyone started when the door opened. They stared as a large man, laidened with boxes, entered the room. Obviously he sensed their presence because he asked, "Could I have some help here?" in a heavy Spanish accent. Harry cautiously approached the man and took a box. Once he got a look at the man, he groaned.

"Not you!" Harry whined.

"Nice to see you, too." the man said bluntly, "Now, shut up and move the box to the far corner."

Harry muttered something that sounded alot like "Bloody bossy mexican." before compling to the man's request.

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