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Moonlit Darkness

Secrets ONE-SHOT

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        I would look back on that night in the Common Room and ask myself what were the odds that all three of us, Ron, Hermione, and I, would keep the same secret. That secret changed my life for the better. Now as I lay here in our bed, Hermione snuggled against my chest and Ron spooned against my back, I recollect how those secrets changed our lives.
        As I boarded the Hogwarts Express for my seventh ,and final, year at Hogwarts I thought about what had happened these past six years. I gained friends and lost some. I gained a godfather and two years later I lost him. I fought Dementors, rode threstrials, and killed the evilest Dark Lord in a century. Every year I had a constant, my best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They had been there to save my arse time and time again, but there were still secrets that I will never tell them. Ever. I love and trust them, but this secret could push them away from me. I wouldn't be able to live without them. They've always been next to me, through hell and high water.
        By now I was sitting in a compartment by myself. They were at a prefect meeting. I felt a surge of pride. They had both made Head Boy and Head Girl. Hermione had written an excited letter to me when she got the letter that told her the news. Ron had been totaly dumbfounded (or at least he sounded like it) in his letter.

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