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Moonlit Darkness

Getting a Second Chance CHAPTER 3
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Chapter 3: Getting Potter

Harry was now just sitting on the floor contentedly watching Crookshanks chase a bug around. Hermione watched him, maternal instincts kicking in. Ron sat beside her lost in thought of what had happened during potions class.

"Hermione, what if he's like that for good? What if they can't change him back?" Ron asked his bushy haired friend.

"I don't know, Ron. Hopefully Dumbledore will be able to find a cure." Hermione answered.

"What if he's not the same? What if-" He was cut of by Hermione.

"Ron, there are a million 'what ifs', but you have to stay positive. Okay?"

"I'll try." Ron said dully.

Hermione then felt a small pulling on her pant leg. She looked down to find Harry standing there holding his sippy cup out to her. She picked him up and set him on her lap.

"What's wrong, Harry?" Hermione asked gently.

"Dwink?" he said timidly.

"You want something to drink?" Hermione asked him. He nodded, still timid.

"What do you want? Water, milk, juice?"

"Ilk?" he said softly.

Giving him a smile she took the cup from him and tapped it with her wand and it magically filled with milk.

"Is that better?" she cooed to him.

Nodding he said, "Tankie, Miowne."

"Your welcome, Harry."

He leaned against her, sipping on the milk. She was in the process of rocking him to sleep when there was a knock at the portrait hole.

Severus Snape was furious. And when Severus Snape was furious it normally had something to do with either Voldemort, Dumbledore, or Potter. This time was no different.


"Severus, what do you think could have caused this?" Dumbledore asked him after Granger left with the baby.

"I'm not sure, Headmaster, it could have been the work of Potter incompetence in potion making." Severus stated coolly.

"I wasn't aware that mixing a strong Aging Potion wrong would cause it to explode." Dumbledore said to the younger wizard.

"I didn't think so either, but trust Potter to be the first one in history to do it." Severus replied.

"Severus, why do you treat Harry as if he were James?" Dumbledore asked him surveying him over his half moon spectacles (A/N: Where have we heard THAT before?).

"He acts exactly like his father. Strutting about the castle, breaking rules, he's nothing but a spoiled brat." Snape said heatedly.

"I believe that it is time for you to learn the difference between Harry and James. I want you to take care of Harry whist he is in this condition. "

"WHAT?!?! NO, Albus. No way in hell am I going to take care of a two year old Potter! I will never happen!" Snape exclaimed in anger.

"Severus, you have forgotten that Harry is not only James's son but also that of a certain red haired Ravenclaw who helped you.(1)" Dumbledore hinted.

"He maybe Lily's son but that doesn't mean I'll take care of him. Like I said before, there is no way in hell that I'll take care of him!" Snape said defiantly.

::End Flashback::

And now Severus Snape was heading towards the Gryffindor Common Room to get the brat.

'Damn Dumbledore and his manipulative ways.' Snape thought bitterly.

'This is going to be a fun year.' He thought sarcastically, as he knocked on the entrance to Gryffindor Tower.

Disclaimer: Getting a Second Chance: See Chapter 1