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Moonlit Darkness

Getting a Second Chance CHAPTER 4
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Chapter 4: Playing is Not Against the Law

Ron looked at Hermione. Hermione looked at Ron. Harry looked at both of them. Ron got up and pushed open the portrait. Standing there, in all his menacing glory, was Professor Severus Snape. Harry whimpered.

“Professor, are you going to be taking care of Harry?” Hermione asked from the couch.

“What do you think, Granger? That I’m here for a nice chat?” Snape retorted in his usual fashion.

Hermione blushed, while Ron glared.

“Would you give me, Potter so I can leave?” Snape sneered.

Hermione got up and made to give Snape Harry, but Harry shouted, “NO!” and tried to scramble away from Snape.

“Stay wit ‘Mione an Rwon! Stay wit ‘Mione an Rwon!” the two-year-old kept saying.

“Harry you’ll see us in the morning.” Hermione told the desperate child.

He looked at her with teary eyes.

“Rweelwy?” he asked.

She nodded, as she smiled at him reassuringly.


“I promise.”

“Harry, if you do with Professor Snape I’ll give you a present in the morning.” Ron told him.

Harry still looked unsure, but curiosity in his eyes. He looked to be thinking about the proposition.

“Kays!” he said happily.

Snape took Harry from the bushy haired Gryffindor.


“Yes, Harry?”

He handed his sippy cup to her, “Ilk?”

She did the same procedure as before and handed it to him.


“You welcome.”

As Snape and Harry walked out the portrait hole Harry said, “Bye-bye!” and waved.

Snape glared at the unknowing mini-Potter. Harry was looking around with wide eyes while sipping on his milk. Snape had insisted that Harry walked the way down to the dungeons.

‘Why did I have to get stuck with Potter? Why not Minerva? She’s his Head of House! But no, leave the kid with me!’ Snape thought sourly.

Once again he looked at the child, annoyed that he hadn’t walked off so he wouldn’t have had to put up with him. Harry was looking at him now.

“What are you looking at, Potter?” Snape snapped at the two-year-old.

Harry had diverted his eyes to the floor, “Nusing.”

‘Annoying brat. Always ruining my life.’ Snape mentally grumbled.

When they finally reached the portrait that guarded his rooms. It was a picture of Medusa.

“Password?” the snake-haired woman asked.

“Media nox serpens.”(1) Snape replied, and Harry looked in wonder as the portrait swung open.

Nothing had changed in his rooms except the fact that there was a toy box in the corner.

“Now, Potter, we have to set up some rules.

“Rule number one: Don’t touch anything on the shelves or tables without my permission.

“Rule number two: Don’t go in these two rooms.”

He gestured to the two doors to the left of the chair that Harry was sitting on.

“And rule number three: Don’t bother me unless you really need something. Got it?”

“Yes, Profestor Snape.” Harry answered.

“Good, now go play or something.” Snape said.

Harry didn’t move.

“Well, what are you waiting for?”

Harry looked at him.


“My aunt an uncle says dat I no ‘lowed to pay wit toys. Day says I no deserve dem.” Harry answered softly.

Snape stared.

‘Did Potter just tell me that his relatives didn’t let him play with toys?’

“Well, Potter I’m the one taking care of you, not your relatives. Now go.”

Harry smiled shyly.

“Tank ou, Profestor Snape.” Harry said as he hoped off the chair to play with the small farm set that he had got out.

Snape sat in his favorite chair reading the Daily Prophet. He snorted at a really stupid article on Fudge.

Harry looked up at his temporary guardian. He then went back to playing with the stuffed animals he had found in the toy box. One was a black shaggy dog he had named “Paddy”, the other was a gray wolf he had named “Moon-moon”. He yawned. He looked up at Snape again and determined in his mind that he shouldn’t disturb his guardian about his sleepiness. So he got up and walked into the room that was for him. (Snape had showed him earlier.) Pulling Paddy and Moon-Moon to him he covered himself up and fell into a deep sleep.


Snape had finished the paper and was savoring the peace and quiet…wait a minute…peace and quiet? Then it dawned on the Potions Master. Where was Potter?

Snape got up and started looking. Finally he checked the boy’s room, and there he was sleeping peacefully. Snape glared at the sleeping form, turned, and shut the door. Going to bed himself.

Disclaimer: Getting a Second Chance: See Chapter 1