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Moonlit Darkness

Grabbing Hold CHAPTER 2
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Chapter 2: Hermione's POV

I look up from my homework.

Something’s wrong, I can feel it.

Though, when is something not wrong?

Between the war…

The fear…


Harry. My best friend.

He had been acting strangely.

Must be because of Sirius’s death.

I sigh.

My other best friend looks at me.

‘Something wrong?’ he asks.

Yes something’s wrong! Harry’s depressed and we’re not doing anything about it! I want to say.

But I don’t.

‘I’m fine.’ I say instead.

Ron watches me. He finally says something.

‘Let’s go talk to Harry. He’s probably lonely.’

Maybe he’s not as dense as I thought he was.

He gets up and stretches. I follow suit.

We head up to the boy’s dorm.

My bad feeling increases.

Ron opens the door.

I expected for Harry to be lying on his bed, thousand yard stare on his face.

He wasn’t.

I was in shock a what I saw before me.

‘Harry!’ I yelled.

Ron acted first.

Throwing himself at Harry, ripping the knife from his hands.

I stare at Harry sadly.

He opens his eyes and I see the blankness in them.

‘Why?’ was the only thing I could say.

His response catches me off guard.

‘Because I want to…Because I want to give up.’

I go to him.

I kneel before him taking his hand in mine.

‘We have always been there for you.’ I say.

I can’t understand why he would do this.

‘We have always been there to help.’

I say the truth.

‘We love you, Harry.’

Ron stands beside me, I feel him squeeze my shoulder.

‘Really?’ Harry whispers.

I realize something.

Harry doesn’t believe me.

He doesn’t believe that we love him.

‘Yes.’ I answer him.

Within seconds I see emotion on his face.

In his eyes.

Shame. That is what I see.

He looks away from me.

But I see what he’s hiding.


He’s crying.

I sit next to him, wrapping my arms around him.

He buries his head into my shoulder.

Ron sits beside him.

I feel Ron’s arms joining mine around Harry.

Harry’s anguish filled cries escalate in emotion.

Raw sobs fill the air.

My heart breaks to see such a strong person reduced to this.

Almost likeme and Roncould read each other’s minds, we lay down.

Harry easily lays with us.

His cries are still there.

He clings to me like a lifeline.

I probably am to him.

Together Ron and I rock Harry.

I stroke his hair while Ron rubs his back.

He starts to become quiet.

We continue our soothing tactics.

‘Don’t leave me.’ Harry whispers like a frightened child.

My heart breaks again to hear his voice with so much vulnerability in it.

‘We won’t.’ Ron murmurs into Harry’s ear.

As we soothe him to sleep I am aware of one thing…

Harry still clings to me.

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