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Moonlit Darkness

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Prolouge: The Journal 

Harry Potter first noticed that his journal was missing on the morning of the first day of classes. He thought nothing of the journal’s disappearance at first. But by the end of the day, Harry was mentally panicking. He had written in that journal since he was seven. Nine years he had that journal, and had never lost it once. So why would he now? He needed that journal. It held too many secrets that he wasn’t ready to discuss with anyone, not even Ron and Hermione. He had to find that journal! The only problem was, he had looked everywhere, including, his bag, trunk, under the mattress, under the bed, and through all the drawers. Finally, after three, solid hours of looking, he sunk into his favorite chair in the Common Room, sighing in defeat.

“What’s the matter, mate?” Ron Weasley, looking up from his homework, asked his best friend.

“I lost something important to me.” Harry replied with a sigh.

Ron set down his quill, “What did you lose?”

“A blue spiral notebook that looks like it had been around for awhile.” Harry told him.

“What are you two talking about?” Hermione Granger, her hands full with books, asked them.

Ron looked at his other best friend, “Harry lost something.”

Harry described the journal again.

“I’ll keep and eye out for it, Harry.” Hermione promised her friend.

“So will I.” Ron agreed.

“Thanks, guys. Well I’m heading up to bed. Are you coming, Ron?” Harry stood, stretching.

“Nah, I have to finish this. I’ll be up in a little while. ‘Night.” Ron said.

“Good night, Harry.” Hermione said.

He bid goodnight to his best friends and went into the 6th year boy’s dorm. After changing into his pajamas, Harry fell into a deep sleep.


Ron and Hermione watched their dark haired friend climb the staircase. After they had heard the door shut, Hermione pulled out a blue, muggle-style, spiral notebook with the name Harry Potter written across it. Hermione looked at Ron.

“Ready to start yet?”

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